Category: Woodcarving

Of all the sculpting I have done, I find woodcarving the most satisfying. Commercially the time and uniqueness seems little valued, but I think that the beauty of the wood does so much to add to the sculpture. To my mind it brings a warmth and rich texture that bronze lacks. Each piece is also an absolute one off, but that’s just my bias. I have shown here almost my complete woodcarving output.

Hylas - A woodcarving in Lime by Martin Preston


Hyals is a woodcarving in Lime and Olive inspired by the Greek legend concerning the drowning of Herakles’ servant by water nymphs. 41 x 39 x 40cm (w x d x h) Limewood (hand), Olive (leaves), Honeysuckle (stem), Lacewood & Padauk (Waterlily), Yew (pitcher), Apple (fish), Walnut (base) 2002 Shellac and Wax finish Hylas Theocritus, Idyll XIII  (lines 32-75).   They disembarked on…